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world's first weighted blanket

The Original

We invented the weighted blanket in 1997. That is over 21 years of perfecting our product... Each Magic Blanket is made to order out of our Los Angeles factory to ensure every blanket is special & magical. We are so confident in our quality that we have a LIFETIME warranty.

Free Exchanges

Everyone is different so finding your perfect size can be hard. If the first blanket you get isn't right for you, we will send a pre-paid return label to exchange it for your perfect fit. You can also change it for a different color & fabric or even make it custom!

Easy Care

Most weighted blankets are now mass produced in China that require hand washing & a duvet cover with a zipper that may break due to repeated washing and drying. Ours is all one piece - so you never have to assemble it and no hand washing required.

How the weighted blanket was invented

The Year was 1997...

My daughter draped a Beanie Baby, “Pugsly,” on my shoulder. I noticed how the weight of the little beads inside the stuffed toy made it hug my shoulder & made me feel relaxed. I thought - "wouldn’t it be great if you had an entire blanket hugging you back" 

What is a Magic weighted blanket?

We know a thing or two about weighted blankets because we created them!

Magic Weighted Blankets are designed to mimic the feeling of being hugged. The weight inside the blanket molds to your body creating a deep pressure sensation that makes you feel safe and warm.

According to scientific studies this kind of pressure increases serotonin and melatonin levels while decreasing cortisol levels. This helps you feel relaxed, sleepier, and an overall better mood - to help you get the best sleep ever!

Get more rest! No prescription needed!

magic weighted blanket

Cooling Cotton

Cooling Cotton Magic Weighted Blanket offers cooling effects to help regulate your body temperature. This is perfect for those who sleep warm but still love that feeling of weight on top of them. The material is made up of a cotton & polyester blend to & has a similar feel & thinness to a bed sheet cotton. . Feel the Magic With the Blanket that Hugs you Back - all year long!

Grey Cooling Cotton 

Giving back to our veterans

We have the utmost respect for members of the military who have done so much in service for our country. We wanted to find a way to give back. Magic Weighted Blanket has committed to donating a blanket to a veteran in need for every ten blankets sold.

Lift the weight off your shoulders

You can rest easy knowing that the Magic Blanket has a Lifetime Warranty. Since our launch in 1998 we have made hundreds of thousands of blankets. We rarely make a mistake but just incase we do - just let us know and we will send you a new one, for free!

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Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag - Magic Weighted Blanket

Zero Gravity Zen Bean Bag

$ 289.00$ 199.00
The zero gravity position was created by NASA to put astronauts in a safer and more comfortable position during liftoff with legs elevated above the heart and the back reclined at a 130 degree angle. Now you can discover what space travelers have known for years - relaxation, meditation and stress relief in zero gravity is out of this world.

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