Light Blue Cotton Magic Weighted Blanket - Magic Weighted Blanket
Light Blue Cotton Magic Weighted Blanket - Magic Weighted Blanket
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Light Blue Cotton Magic Weighted Blanket

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10 Reasons to Choose The Magic Blanket 

  • We are the Original Weighted Blanket. Designed by weighted blanket inventor, Keith Zivalich, in 1998.
  • MADE IN USA by highly trained and skilled machine operators
  • 20 years of experience. 
  • Find your perfect weight with FREE Return Shipping on exchanges (excluding custom orders).
  • One piece blanket design with duvet cover securely sewn onto the inner liner, making the Magic Blanket more durable and easy to wash and use than blankets with removable covers.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED; NO zippers that will tear, NO ties that will break, NO inner liner that will bunch up, NO cover to attach. 
  • Most new weighted blankets on the market that are mass produced in China have removable duvet covers. After a few twists and turns in the washer and dryer, zippers often become misaligned and jammed.
  • We only use 100% new, BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets inside our Magic Blankets.
  • NO polyfill which makes the blanket feel stiff: NO Glass Beads which are the size and appearance of sugar grains and can work their way through seams, endangering pets and children. 
  • Get your blanket FAST! It only takes us 3 days or less to make your blanket *excluding holidays. 
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I recommend this product

Great product and service

I decided to do an exchange for a heavier weighted blanket and Keith helped make that transaction seamless. Using it at night over my lower body has significantly helped my restless legs syndrome for better sleep!

United States United States
I recommend this product

Love my weighted blanket!

At first I thought it might be to heavy, but I was wrong. Once I got used to it I love it. I have never slept through a whole night before my Magic Blanket. I am ordering them for my niece and nephew. Can't wait for them to get them.

United States United States
I recommend this product

Almost perfect

I love everything about my blanket except the size. The weight is perfect. I run hot while sleeping and this blanket isn’t too warm. I was expecting it to be a little bigger-maybe twin sized but it’s more like toddler sized. Despite the size, I’ve been sleeping great which is what really matters so I’m happy.

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I recommend this product


This blanket makes me beyond happy. LOVE!

Susan .

We love our weighted blankets! The first one we purchased has a soft chenille covering and is awesome. However, it’s too warm to really use once the temperatures are warmer. Hence, when I purchased a second one for my 23 year old daughter for Christmas (she was the one who put it as #1 on her wish list after borrowing mine one time) I ordered a cooler cotten covering that she can use it year round—and she does. Highly recommend! Even if you have never been diagnosed with any anxiety condition this blanket does make you feel like ‘everything is going to be okay.’ In this stress-filled world, that’s a good and calming feeling. I wish I could afford to buy more for my friends so I could share the love!!

Alan .

We are so happy with our purchase! Quick delivery and my mom absolutely loves her blanket! Thank you so much!

Lisa .

I love my Magic Blanket! I had purchased another brand from a retail store and returned it because I was disappointed with how hot it made me. The cotton fabric option from Magic Blanket has been perfect for me. I highly recommend it!

Jamie .

Absolutely love these blankets. They are well made and definitely help me sleep better at night. My husband says I sleep like I'm drugged.

Mi-Mi G.

Best blanket ever

I work in the medical field and on night shift for the past 22+ years. My sleep had slowly taken a turn south during menopause in addition to working night shifts. My husband surprised me with a weighted blanket for Christmas and cannot stop talking about it. I've slept thru the night EVERY night since receiving it. In the past I would always wake up on my nights off multiple times a night. Would recommend to anyone who is having sleep problems.


So soothing

I had to thank you for this amazing blanket. I bought it for my son who is nine and has difficulty falling asleep as well as remaining asleep through the night. I have tried essential oils, homeopathic remedies, foot massages, etc. as soon as the blanket arrived I opened it and lay under it. It gave me such a feeling of relaxation and security. I couldn’t wait to lay it on my son at bed time that evening. He slept soundly and didn’t wake up at all. I have to get one for myself as the one night I borrowed it from him, I too got wonderful deep sleep. It quieted my normal tossing and turning. I’m so happy to have come across this! Thank you so much!


Excellent blanket - Excellent Customer Service!

While my son was at a therapeutic boarding school they utilized a weighted blanket his anxiety. I am so pleased to have found The Magic Blanket so that he can have one of his own now that he is home full time. Our blanket is superbly made and arrived a timely fashion. Our other son has now taken to using the blanket and we are purchasing a second blanket for him!

Carol F.

Thank You

Your Magic Blanket has made such an enormous difference in the quality of my life that I feel compelled to share my grateful thoughts. I have tried everything, both natural and pharmaceutical, to address my insomnia, particularly my inability to stay asleep throughout the night. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying your weighted blanket. I was amazed to notice an improvement after just the first night. I have now been using my Magic Blanket for over three months with consistently positive nightly results. Although I still wake up a few times during the middle of the night, I am now able to fall right back to sleep, something that was impossible for me to do before. Most importantly, the overall QUALITY of my sleep has improved significantly. My sleep is now much deeper, with lots of dreaming and restorative REM activity, and I no longer have restless tossing and turning throughout the night. I have been able to reduce my sleep medication by 50% and will soon feel confident enough to eliminate it altogether. For the first time in years, I am getting a full 7 to 8 hours of good quality sleep every single night. I feel like a new person! Thank you for making such a terrific product.

Standard Sizes

Our Standard size blankets are perfect for those who crave a deep pressure feeling and love the feeling of weight on them while they sleep. Children do well with 6 pounds up to 10 pounds. Most women do well with the 16 pound and most men do well with the 20 pound. 

User's Height (inches)Blanket Size (inches) 
36 - 4236 x 48 - 6 lb
42 - 4836 x 54 - 8 lb
48 - 5436 x 60 - 10 lb
OR 42 x 60 - 12 lb
55 - 6742 x 72 - 16 lb
68 & up48 x 78 - 20 lb

Magic Lite

Some people really crave weight, others just want a little bit of pressure on top of them. That is why we create the Magic Lite; the perfect blanket that has a gentle hug feeling.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)48 x 78 - 14 lb

Travel Size

Bring your Magic Blanket on the go! Perfect for travel anxiety or work/school settings.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)36 x 60 - 9 lb



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