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This Cooling Cotton material is designed to help keep you cool, which is perfect for warm sleepers and summer nights. This is a very thin material that is similar to a bed sheet cotton. The entire blanket can be washed on cold and dried on low. It is great for those who crave the weight but don't want to get too hot. For even better temperature control try our Waterproof weighted blankets, which wick away sweat and moisture!

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Standard Sizes

Our Standard size blankets are perfect for those who crave a deep pressure feeling and love the feeling of weight on them while they sleep. Children do well with 6 pounds up to 10 pounds. Most women do well with the 16 pound and most men do well with the 20 pound. 

User's Height (inches)Blanket Size (inches) 
36 - 4236 x 48 - 6 lb
42 - 4836 x 54 - 8 lb
48 - 5436 x 60 - 10 lb
OR 42 x 72 - 12 lb
55 - 6742 x 72 - 16 lb
68 & up48 x 78 - 20 lb

Magic Lite

Some people really crave weight, others just want a little bit of pressure on top of them. That is why we create the Magic Lite; the perfect blanket that has a gentle hug feeling.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)48 x 78 - 14 lb

Travel Size

Bring your Magic Blanket on the go! Perfect for travel anxiety or work/school settings.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)36 x 60 - 9 lb

*Please keep in mind that we invented the weighted blanket to fit the person, not the bed. This way the blanket can truly mold to your body - creating that perfect hugging sensation!




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