Introducing The Magic Blanket Lite

Introducing The Magic Blanket "Lite” -- For A More Gentle Hug, Anytime:

We are very pleased to announce a lighter version of the Magic Blanket. The Magic Blanket Lite came about after hearing from many prospective customers not on the autism spectrum who wanted to enjoy a gentle hug without the full weight of our standard weighted blanket.

  • Lite: 48x78-inch - 14 pounds
  • Fabric Choices: Chenille, Minky, Cotton, Flannel, Fleece

The Magic Blanket Lite has been designed specifically for those who wish to enjoy a gentle caress without the need for deep pressure stimulation. This makes The Magic Blanket Lite the perfect way to escape into a peaceful and relaxing state of mind, naturally.  Please keep in mind, however, that the Magic Blanket Lite will not offer the full therapeutic benefits of a heavier blanket.  If looking for relief from stress, anxiety or sleeplessness, it might be best to consider a heavier blanket.

The Magic Blanket Lite comes in a 48x78-inch, 14 lb size and in the same wide selection of fabric choices, including the luxurious and sumptuously soft chenille and minky; cool and comfortable cotton and cotton flannel; and warm and cozy fleece.