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Grey Chenille Magic Blanket

Luxurious Soft Chenille

Enjoy the world's softest hug & Weighted Blanket! Ultra soft with a longer fiber than Minky, giving it a luxurious plush feel. Machine wash on cold. Machine dry on low heat setting, or air dry. (Our most popular fabric)

Comes in the color options : Champagne, Charcoal Grey, Royal Blue, Silver Grey, Navy, Pink, Lavender, Light Purple, Rainbow, Light Blue, Sage Green, & Beige.

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Navy minky weighted blanket

Soft Minky

Ultra soft hugs with a shorter fiber than Chenille, giving Minky a silky soft feel. Machine wash on cold and machine dry on low or medium heat. Comes in smooth Minky as well as Minky dot which is extra beneficial for sensory seekers.

Comes in the color options : Cream, Beige, Light Blue, Navy, Royal Blue, Charcoal grey. Pink, Cheetah, Camo, Zebra, Grey Minky Dot, Grey Minky Dot, & Lavender Minky Dot.

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blue cooling cotton weighted blanket

Cooling Cotton

Cooling Cotton is designed to help keep you cool, which is perfect for warm sleepers and summer nights. This is a very thin material that is similar to a bed sheet cotton. The entire blanket can be washed and dried on medium settings. It is great for those who crave the weight but don't want to get too hot.

Comes in the color options : Light Blue, Navy, Grey, Blue/Grey Flannel, Green, Star Wars, Blue/Tan Flannel, White/Grey Flannel, Red/Grey Flannel, & more prints!

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blue cooling cotton weighted blanket


Our high-tech waterproof fabric forms a moisture barrier, while still being breathable. The space-age fabric allows heat and water vapor to escape from inside the blanket. This keeps the user comfortable by reducing the buildup of body heat and allowing condensation to escape, all while keeping fluids out.. Made with an anti-microbial fabric, it can easily be wiped clean between uses., reducing the need for frequent washing.  Ideal for personal use at home, as well as institutional applications -- currently being used in hospitals, child care facilities, dentists and emergency services.

Comes in the color options : Light Blue and Navy Blue

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blue cooling cotton weighted blanket

Warm & Cozy Fleece


Get warm and cozy with comforting hugs that last years and years. Our Fleece weighted blanket is our most affordable option. It is perfect for those cold winter nights by the fire. Machine wash on cold and machine dry on medium/low heat.

Comes in the color options : Light Blue, Navy, Puppy Paw Prints, Camo, Pink, Royal Blue, & Green.

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