Get 2 Free Cloth Facemasks With Every Magic Weighted Blanket - Magic Weighted Blanket (Made in USA)

Get 2 Free Cloth Facemasks With Every Magic Weighted Blanket

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that all Americans wear basic cloth masks in public.

As a result of these CDC recommendations, we are pleased to provide 2 FREE basic, cloth facemasks with the purchase of each Magic Weighted Blanket. And like our Magic Blankets, our masks are Made In America!

Made with a cotton inner liner and a cotton outer liner, our facemasks are reusable. It is highly suggested to wash facemasks separately from your other laundry if you can; use the hottest water settings available and regular detergent. Using bleach is not recommended.

Please NOTE that these facemasks are NOT Medical-Grade and will NOT prevent airborne viruses from passing through the mask. Not for use by persons affected with Covid-19.

They are, however, effective reminders to others to maintain social distancing, and to help deter face touching.  By practicing proper social distancing and frequent hand washing, we will get through these tying times.  Be Safe!

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