Choosing the Right Weight

One of the great things about choosing a company that not only invented the weighted blanket but has also been around for 20 years, is that we have had years of feedback from customers about what sizes work best for each person.

A lot of the 'new' weighted blanket companies that get their blankets from China only have one size option with different weights. Obviously, that won't work for everyone. Our blankets come in different widths, lengths, and weight to ensure each individual gets exactly the right deep pressure therapy benefits from their weighted blanket. That is also why we can create a custom blanket for you, everyone is different! 

One big thing we noticed over the years is that your body weight is not as important as your height. So pay more attention on how long you want your blanket rather how heavy. That is exactly why we offer free return shipping for exchanges - so you can "Goldilocks" your way into finding your perfect size. :)

Standard Sizes

Our Standard size blankets are perfect for those who crave a deep pressure feeling and love the feeling of weight on them while they sleep. Children do well with 6 pounds up to 10 pounds. Most women do well with the 16 pound and most men do well with the 20 pound. Some people will get the 12 pound as a couch blanket.

*please keep in mind that we created the weighted blanket to fit the person not the bed. This way the blanket can truly mold to your body - creating that perfect hugging sensation!

User's Height (inches)Blanket Size (inches) 
36 - 4236 x 48 - 6 lb
42 - 4836 x 54 - 8 lb
48 - 5436 x 60 - 10 lb
OR 42 x 60 - 12 lb
55 - 6742 x 72 - 16 lb
68 & up48 x 78 - 20 lb

Magic Lite

Some people really crave weight, others just want a little bit of pressure on top of them. That is why we created the Magic Lite; the perfect blanket that has a gentle hug feeling.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)48 x 78 - 14 lb


Over the years we have gotten so many customers who are so obsessed with their Magic Blanket that they request a travel size blanket. People swear by bringing it on airplanes to help with their nerves. Here is a great article about traveling with the Magic Blanket.

User's HeightBlanket Size (inches)
Everyone :)36 x 60 - 9 lb

*If working with an OT, please consult with them on size and weight.
And importantly, please keep in mind, that we are not medical professionals, and nothing on this site is a substitute for a consultation with qualified medical personnel.



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