Herbal Skin Care


👚@Everlane is an ethical clothing brand that offers a comfortable variety of clothes. Their bodysuits and Pima Micro Rib turtlenecks make for great base layers this winter. They also offer super soft silk and cashmere for those looking for more luxurious clothing items.



🧸@Stimtastic offers affordable high quality stim toys. Stimtastic is ran and founded by Cynthia Kim who is an autistic adult. Stimtastic gives 10% of their proceeds from sales back into the autistic community in the form of donations. Their products are designed by autistic artists. Their stim toys would make amazing stocking stuffers! 


Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Magic Weighted Blanket

✨ @magicweightedblanket. It wouldn’t be a cozy winter without the OG weighted blanket. Our blankets are made in L.A. with the highest quality materials and BPA free pallets. Unlike most weighted blankets in the market, ours are made stress-free because they are machine washable! People say you can’t buy love, but with our blanket, you can at least buy a hug! 



☁️ @Petite_Gloom is an autistic illustrator based in London. Her artwork is a reflection of her daily experiences. This holiday, she is offering Christmas cards which are extraordinarily beautiful. Among her other works, she offers an aesthetically pleasing Daily Reminders chart for those of us on the spectrum that get a bit too overwhelmed to remember our self-care priorities.


Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Mother Earth Essentials

🌎 @motherearthessentials is an indigenous owned company. We chose to place them on this gift guide for those of you who are sensitive to artificial scents, but want to fill your home with great smells. MEE candles are 100% natural soy wax. They are made with natural ingredients and traditional recipes. Their gift packages are a great alternative to Bath & Body Works this holiday season!



📚 Bookworms: This season we are celebrating autistic authors and autistic allies. Authors who have helped paved the way for the neurodiversity movement and encouraged autistic voices to be heard. Show your support this season by buying the bookworm in your family books like NeuroTribes and Look Me in the Eye.


Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Princess Aspien Shop

👸🏻@PrincessAspienShop is a growing influencer who recently started her own shop. For our gift guide, we chose her pins as a great stocking stuffer for advocates. Very often, autism is overlooked in girls because they learn to mask early. Princess Aspien is always using her platform to advocate for women in the autistic community. Her mantra, which is displayed on this pin is, “Different, Not Less” and we are living for it!


Shop Yellow Days

📓 @shopyellowdays is owned by Anna, an autistic artist and entrepreneur. Yellow Days is a unique website which offers notebooks, stationary, and more. It was created as a platform for small brands and independent artists. The one we chose for our gift guide is @bloemkolie’s Space Cats a5 dotted notebook. This cute store holds all the necessities for the student in your family!


Herbal Skin Care
Herbal Skin Care

Zero Gravity Zen

🧘‍♀️@zerogravitybeanbag is for those of you who practice yoga...or video gaming! Zero Gravity Zen is the newest invention of the Magic Blanket’s very own Kieth Zivalich. The Zen Bag is designed to caress the body in the most comfortable position with your legs elevated above the heart to create a slower blood flow while relaxing. The Zero Gravity Zen can be used after yoga to get a more effective meditation or for those of you (like me) who condemn exercise, but praise relaxation and coziness!


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#actuallyautistic Advocate 

Echo is an autistic student based in New York. They are going to school for Psychology at Columbia University.  They love graphic design, poetry, and writing. Echo is an online advocate for the autistic community and is always looking to help support autistic-owned businesses as well as autistic artists. They aspire to publish research to help neurotypicals better understand autism. They hope that one day their research can encourage the world to become a little more sensory friendly.