Magic Weighted Blanket | Frequently Asked Questions

lavender weighted blanket

Weighted blankets help users relax and fall asleep more easily because the weight, if evenly spread throughout the blanket, creates a hug-like feeling called deep pressure stimulation. In a nutshell, deep pressure stimulation causes the body to produce Oxytocin, a brain chemical that can ease symptoms from depression, anxiety, autism, and even physical pain. While actual hugging and/or cuddling between two humans is probably the best way to release Oxytocin, weighted blankets are an effective substitute for those who find physical contact like hugging to be overstimulating, or just for those who don’t have someone around to hug all the time. To learn more about the science behind weighted blankets and deep pressure therapy, check out our blog post here.

General Questions

All Magic Weighted Blankets are made with both an inner and an outer layer. The inner liner is made from cotton and sewed into quilted squares. The poly pellets used to create the weight within the blanket are sewn into the quilted squares, keeping the weight evenly distributed throughout the blanket at all times.  We then cover the inner liner with the outer layer of fabric (your choice of chenille, minky, cotton, flannel, or fleece), so that you don't see or feel any stitching.

Sizing Questions

Check out our size guide for more information about choosing the right Magic Weighted Blanket for you or a loved one.

Returns/Shipping Questions

If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with your Magic Weighted Blanket, you have up to 30 days after receiving your blanket to return it and have the cost of your blanket refunded back to your card.  You will, however, be responsible for the cost of the return shipping. The blanket must still be in like-new condition – we will not be able to offer a refund if the blanket is stained, damaged, or has any pet hairs on it.

Please contact us at so that we can guide you through the return process. Please remember to keep your shipping receipt and a copy of your tracking number so that we can verify that the blanket was shipped back to us, should there be any problems.*Please note that custom orders are not covered by the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.