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Keith Zivalich, father of three, came up with the idea for the weighted blanket in 1997 when his daughter placed a beanie baby on his shoulder. He instantly noticed how calming the pressure felt and wanted to make an entire blanket with the same deep pressure feeling. His wife, Lynda, sewed many prototypes until they found the perfect design. Their family business has been making weighted blankets ever since, and has been using the same Los Angeles factory for 21 years

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As Seen in: "One might think weighted blankets a new phenomenon. In reality, they’ve been around for more than 20 years, brought to the mainstream market in 1998 by Keith Zivalich, the creator of Magic Weighted Blankets" "And Magic Weighted Blanket, which has the distinction of being the first weighted blanket on the market, donates blankets to veterans with PTSD. Self-care for a cause?! Sign me up!" "Put on some weight. Lying under a weighted vest or blanket (from $50, can calm the nervous system, studies show, in as little as five minutes." "“[The Lite] is intended to feel like a gentle hug,” says Zivalich.
Other fabrics include minky (silky), fleece, cotton, waterproof, or a mix-and-match option. But don’t plan on sharing this blanket. “It’s intended for one individual so that the blanket can mold to the body,” said Zivalich." "As for me, I'm convinced that my heavy blanket has helped me sleep, and I've heard the same sentiment from other people who've tried them. Most people I know have some sort of anxiety or trouble sleeping. My hunch? Weighted blankets are about to go mainstream.
Want to give one a go? I suggest the Magic Blanket"  "There are specifically blanket shops such as Magic Blanket, created by product developer, Keith Zivalich in California, which have children’s blankets that are 36 inches wide, and adult blankets, which run 42 inches across" "A weighted blanket feels a lot like someone hugging you to sleep. In fact, for the first couple years of my daughter’s life, the only way I could get the little wiggler to sleep was by snuggling next to her, my arm across her body. She’d hold my hand tightly, pulling my arm down on her body snuggly" "Weighted blankets first made waves in the pediatric community in the late 1990s. According to Forbes, Keith Zivalich came up with the idea after his daughter flopped a Beanie Baby lizard over his shoulder. The gentle weight of the toy felt like a soothing hug, and he wondered if he could recreate the sensation on a larger scale" "The history of the Magic weighted blanket is quite a roller coaster, with patents being denied, threats with legal action promised, and many copycats claiming to have come up with weighted blankets that were nothing more than just China-imported fakes."


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