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We received our blanket yesterday – a lovely 12lb  lavender chenille. My 15 year old daughter absolutely loves it! In addition to anxiety, she suffers from serious medical conditions (cystic fibrosis, for which she is on continuous home IVs on an ongoing basis) and anything I can do to help her feel more comfortable and at peace is priceless.  Right away this beautiful blanket made her feel calmer, secure, and comforted. The chenille is so plush and luxurious, too.  Her anxiety is worse at night, and her ‘magic’ blanket was so soothing and calming before going to bed while snuggled up doing her treatments, and getting to sleep was so much easier.  I tried it myself and it’s not just wishful thinking – the special weight and fabric of this blanket really does produce a definite feeling of peace, calm, and comfort. I only wish I’d bought one sooner. Thank you! J




This year for Valentine’s Day my husband purchased a Magic Blanket for me; it arrived yesterday and I had my first GREAT night’s sleep in years!  I LOVE my Magic Blanket!  I didn’t toss and turn all night, I didn’t need to get up several times, I didn’t experience restless legs or anxiety.  The Blanket is wonderful!  I feel like it REALLY is MAGIC!  After trying so many other things over the past 20 years to help with my sleep issues, I feel as if I have finally found something that works!



We received our magic blanket, which we have affectionately named Big Blue, as a gift from a dear friend for my teenage son who suffers from bi-polar disorder. Both my son and I are in love.He loves that it makes him feel calm and I love the fact that it can give him the comfort and support he needs.

When he is having a tough time or struggling with mania, he can climb under his magic blanket and within a few minutes he is calm and reasonable. Typically he does not sleep very soundly and is very restless, however since he has been using the blanket he has been sleeping more deeply and waking up well rested and in a good place to start the day. We love this blanket and our grateful to have it.



I LOVE LOVE my magic blanket. I haven't slept this well in years. It was everything I hoped it would be. So glad I chose the 16 pound blanket and also the minky fabric as it is so soft and comfortable. Worth every penny. Thank you .



He opened his gift this morning and absolutely loves it! It is soft, the colors are vibrant and he even has room to grow into it. I anticipate the he will experience a great night's sleep this evening.I also had the opportunity to take a short nap with his weighted blanket and was amazed at the warmth and comfort it provided. Please know, that your blankets truly make a difference in the lives of the recipients.



JusI want to tell you guys how much i LOVE MY BLANKET! My brother ordered it for me because the thought it might help all the tension I have in my neck and back from grinding my teeth. I have 14 plus crowns from teeth I have cracked from grinding so badly. I sleep with a night guard but still wake up with horrible tension in my neck and back. NOT ANY MORE!!!!! That blanket IS MAGIC! My quality of sleep has improved 100% I think it really is one of the best presents ever.




I my blanket. I have fibromyalgia and the weight of the blanket calms my twitchiness so that I have had the best sleep I can remember in ten years. The chenille is just dreamy to the touch and the cotton is smooth and cool on the warmer days. I can not say enough good things about it. I use it on a daily basis and would not trade it for the world. Thank you so much for the fine workmanship and beauty. Thank you for the fun ordering process and timely arrival.





I've had my magic blanket for a while now and just want you to know that it has been the best thing in helping my anxiety and depression, especially during the night which is the worst for me re: symptoms. I just want you to know how much it has helped: It's saved my life on more than one occasion. It is very much a part of my safety plan. I'm grateful my friend referred me to you. I highly highly recommend this for PTSD and TBI survivors.



I just wanted to tell you how much I love my Magic Blanket! I've had sensory processing disorder my whole life, but it was never recognized or dealt with when I was a child. I first learned about it in adulthood, and one of the things that was recommended to me was a weighted blanket. I'm SO glad I took that advice! My blanket is so soothing and calming. I truly LOVE it!



Oh my goodness, your blanket arrived today, and I feel so blessed to have discovered this blanket. My son (sensory processing disorder) LOVES it, and for the first time in his life (he is 7 years old) he is happily sleeping without a struggle. I can't thank you enough and I am forwarding your information/site to several friends. THANK YOU!!!!



I just wanted to share my experience with the blanket...I bought it for my husband for an anniversary gift.When I gave it to him he didn't know what to think because he had not heard of these, he said "well it's soft and HEAVY". He used it the first night and has used it every night since until recently...recently I started having these panics in the middle of the night and he took his blanket and said "YOU need this more than I do tonight!". 

So I used his blanket. It has been amazing!! I got under it in the middle of a panic and was able to fall back to sleep and stay sleeping for the rest of the night.Tonight before going to bed my husband said "well I am going to bed without my second favorite part of the bed".  I asked him what he meant and he said "well, you are my first favorite and the blanket is my second favorite. I think you need it more than I do right now!"

I LOVE your company, your customer service, the quality of the blanket!!! I am so thankful to have found you!!



Last year for a Christmas gift, I bought your biggest blanket for my husband. He laughed at first, but quickly became devoted to his blanket. My husband was out of the country this week for work and my eleven year old son dragged Dad's blanket to his own room (it's 18 pounds). My son had the best week of sleep ever!  He immediately fell asleep each night and seems so much more rested.

Last January, I told my sister-in law about the blanket I had bought for my husband. She told me that she absolutely loved going to the dentist and having the leaded apron put on her. For her birthday, I bought her a surprise gift, a Magic Blanket. Apparently, she now fights her husband for it every night. Maybe she will buy him his own soon.



 I purchased a 6lbs weighted blanket about 2 months ago and it has been a God Send, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. It honestly worked immediately, the 1st time I put it on my son who has Sensory Integration. I am about to order 3 more and hopefully a 4th.Thank you again. I could never thank you enough!



 As promised, The Fairytale Princess Magic Blanket arrived on Friday, the 19th. We know that she will get many happy years of love, calm and comfort from it. Thank you again so much for bringing this wonderful Magic Blanket into our lives. And thank you also for your courtesy and promptness.



 My 11-year-old son, Daniel has PDD-NOS. He has had a terrible time falling asleep and staying in bed. He is particularly anxious about earthquakes, and has told us that he lays in bed worrying about earthquakes. He would even feel earthquakes in bed while he was trying to fall asleep. You can imagine how the recent earthquake in Japan has affected him.He was only able to fall asleep in our bed with the lights on, and only after a couple hours pacing around. Then we would have to wake him to move him to his own bed. He could barely wake up in the morning and would be sleepy and grouchy.

Daniel was so excited to get the blanket.  When it came, he opened it immediately, took it to his bed, and put it on. He actually started to laugh uncontrollably! It was as if the sensation was so wonderful he couldn't contain his joy!

The same thing happened that night when he went to bed... he told me he just couldn't stop laughing. But then...he never came back out of his room. He never left his bed, and he went to sleep and didn't get up until the morning! It has been the same story every night since. Right to bed, right to sleep! There has been no more prowling around, no more fearful talk about earthquakes. Daniel still has other issues, but this blanket has helped us cross one major problem off our list. It is wonderful. I am telling everyone about it.Thank you for making such a great product.



We love the Magic Blanket!! My son is your typical ADHD child, but there are some concerns of Aspergers. He is a Sensory Seeker, and we struggle so much at bedtime because he simply cannot calm down enough to lay down. My son's Occupational Therapist suggested that we order a weighted blanket, and she gave us your website. I am so glad that we ordered it. He loves the feel of the blanket, but most importantly, he wants to cuddle up and lay down with it. I can definitely see the calming effects of the blanket in just one night of having it. We'll be passing the good news along to friends and family, and I'll be ordering another one soon just for myself.Thanks so much!



I just wanted to let you know how much my son loves his blanket!!!!! He is sleeping so much more soundly and he finds it so calming and settling. He asked me to pull it over his body as he was resting last night and as soon as I did it put an immediate smile on his face. I wish I would have found this blanket when my son was even younger! Thanks again.

Gail Ann


Thank you for the magic blanket! I bought it for my 7 year old daughter who has Aspergers. This is the second night of using it and she did not get up at night. Before she was waking me up several times a night for hugs and reassurance. Now I have slept through the night two days in a row!



It is a wonderful thing. I never thought my kids would love it so much. My ADHD little one sleeps with it on him, 5 years old. It's really a miracle. Thank you for making such a great quality, cozy blanket. We are so pleased.



I just wanted to let you know that I received the blanket yesterday and I am EXTREMELY satisfied with it. It's really beautiful and the chenille provides extra sensory input for my son as well as the calming weight. It is a very high quality item and I will definitely be recommending your product to other's in our circle of friends that have children with sensory issues. Thank you again for providing such excellent quality and customer service.



My son has Chiair Malformation and his sleep is restless and he is up and down a lot during the night. He has never slept in his own bed. In research I learned a weighted blanket might help him. We received the blanket we ordered from you on Tuesday. Not only is he sleeping all night but in his own bed. Your one blanket has replaced the four he normally slept with.

He loves his new blanket and so do I. In the two days we have had the blanket you have given him two awesome nights of sleep with many more to come. We will be ordering another one very soon.Thank you for the great blankets you make and happiness you have given my son!!



I just wanted to say thank you for creating such an amazing product! I work with infants and toddlers with speech and social disorders and many of my clients also see an OT. Therefore, I have encountered LOTS of weighted blankets over the years!! And I have hated every one! They were bulky, stiff, and far from cuddly!!

When I realized my own daughter really needed something to help regulate her sleep after giving up swaddling, I started looking on my own and found your site. I decided to try it...service was excellent and my blanket arrived quickly. This blanket is unlike any weighted blanket I have seen used. It's soft, plush, and cuddly- like a REAL blanket! And my darling daughter loves it!

She is finally able to settle down and sleep well throughout the entire night.I will be telling every OT I work with to throw away their weighted blanket info and head directly to your site from now on! Thank you again!



I've had the blanket for several nights now, and I really do feel that it is changing my life! My sleep is so much more restful and deep. I don't toss and turn all night. As a result, I am calmer and more awake and alert in the daytime. Thank you thank you thank you! When I have the funds, I hope to get another one in a larger size. I'll definitely be visiting your website again.



We received the blanket yesterday as expected and my daughter absolutely loves it. My mom who has sewn for years complemented the workmanship and quality and I think my aunt visiting from the Atlanta area may be looking into ordering one for herself and her granddaughter. Again we greatly appreciate your help and patience with our complicated order.



We received our blanket as scheduled. Thank you for the prompt and easy ordering and delivery process. The blanket is beautiful. Although it is for my special needs daughter, I covered myself with it and fell fast asleep. My typical daughter did exactly the same thing! I know my special needs daughter will love it; it is a birthday gift (somewhat used already, lol). We may need to order one for each family member. I will pass your information on to others since we are so very satisfied with the product!!!



Thanks SO much! I love your blankets. I ordered one for my 2 year old back in April. He hadn't slept since he was born, ever since we got your blanket he has slept through the night every night! So I ordered one for my brother, and now my mother-in-law!Thanks for all your hard work!



I have had my blanket for several months now and it is a game changer. I am 48 years old and have Lupus. My body hurts all the time with little relief. Until I got my Magic a Weighted Blanket. I don't know how it works exactly but once I lay under my weighted blanket, I find relief and am actually able to sleep. The product you delivered is very well made, pretty and easy to care for. Thank you for making my days a little easier.






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