3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

Written by: Michelle from Weighted Blankets in Canada

Sound sleep is vital for good health. Several issues often interfere with the recommended range. Being sleep deprived usually affects one’s ability to function throughout the day properly. Weighted blankets are designed to remedy this problem. While medication exists to aid sleeplessness caused by different reasons, weighted blankets offer a natural alternative to support sleep-deprived individuals. These are usually filled with beads in varying capacities, depending on the weight option, that are evenly distributed within the blanket. Additional padding is added for that element of comfort it brings. These blankets are available for adults and children alike, to help in improving their sleep quality.

Understand that weightless blankets do not necessarily cure any condition. If anything, they are a sleep accessory meant to elevate symptoms of whatever may be interfering with regular sleep.

Here is a guide to why it is a good idea to consider purchasing a weighted blanket.

Ease stress and with one of these blankets

Stress is the body’s natural response to change. It is almost impossible to avoid stress altogether. Weighted blankets also help with stress-induced anxiety. Studies suggest that the downward pressure from the beads help to ground the patient. This pressure helps reduce feelings of anxiety and bring on sleep. Sleep is instrumental in bringing down stress hormones in the body. Others suggest using the blanket to promote increased production of happy hormones like serotonin within the body. Either way, weight blankets help bring on the transition to sound sleep. 

Weighted blankets and promoting mental health

Conditions such as ADHD, Autism, and PTSD may cause restlessness and lead to awkward sleep patterns. This effect on the sleep cycle manifests as behavioral changes within individuals with such conditions. Weighted blankets though deep pressure therapy which helps to improve their sleep quality and balance out serotonin and melatonin levels. These happy hormones assist in mitigating effects these conditions have on the individual. Fundamentally, weighted blankets work on the principle of stabilizing hormonal change in the brain to effect positive behavioral change.

Weighted blankets for a general health boost

Anyone who has seen the movie Fight club knows how insomnia and disrupted sleep affects ones well being. Weighted blankets help to improve quality of sleep. This, in turn, decreases instances of disrupted sleep sessions. It is a domino effect. Once an individual's poor sleeping habits such as insomnia reduce, their overall health takes a turn for the better. Getting enough rest helps make people calmer and leave them in better moods. This is as a result of decreased cortisol levels and improved serotonin levels. Balancing these hormones is elemental in improving one's psychological well being.

Additionally, they can be used as pain relief for individuals with pain-inducing ailments or those who do not want to take drug based painkillers.

These blankets are useful when it comes to boosting sleeping habits in general. Anyone having trouble catching some zzz should consider trying out this pressure therapy blankets. Weighted blankets are not only useful in stabilizing sleep, but also help regulate negative behavior in patients with some mental health disorders.