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There are few things as anxiety-inducing to a college student than an upcoming exam, assignment or deadline in general. A variety of solutions are out there to combat the stress, from no-brainers like regular exercise and diet to seeking a medical prescription to deal with it. Studies have shown though that there is something to weighted blankets, which has led to quite the buzz in recent years.

Research released by ‘Psychology Today’ just a few weeks ago pointed to a 2015 study by the ‘Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders’ which found that four out of five individuals suffering from insomnia benefited from a weighted blanket. They also have helped to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep in children suffering from ADHD. The theory is the added weight, which some people liken to being hugged, causes the brain to release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, providing a calming effect.

The Magic Weighted Blanket is one of a few different brands available, but what makes them stick out is uses poly pellets inside their blankets as opposed to Polyfil. It allows the blanket to contour around the body, providing the aforementioned giving-you-a-hug effect.

The recommended weight of a weighted blanket is about 10 percent of your body weight. Magic Weighted Blanket offers sizes from six to 20 pounds of pressure, while also offering the “Magic Blanket Lite,” aimed at those looking for “a gentle hug.”

The Magic Weighted Blanket has inner liner and an outer layer, which consists of either chenille, minky, cotton, flannel or fleece. There are no visible seams, giving the blanket a smooth and elegant look. The inner liner is made from cotton and constructed with two panels that form the quilted squares in which the poly pellets are placed, which keeps the weight evenly dispersed.

The blankets aren’t just for sleeping either; climb under one when working on an assignment on the laptop while sitting on the couch or vegging out in front of the television. And if you decide to bring it to class with you, make sure you affix a Tile to it – it’s not something you want to lose sleep over.