Cheers to a Magical 2020! - Magic Weighted Blanket (Made in USA)

Cheers to a Magical 2020!


2019 could have been a bad year for us. But it wasn’t, thanks to you.

Despite nearly every department store selling knockoff weighted blankets at cheap prices, our business was able to keep going. Our greatest fear, ever since we started making weighted blankets back in 1998, was that other companies would start manufacturing knockoffs in China, where less strict labor laws and regulations allow companies to make and sell products at such low prices that most American-made products can’t compete.

We thought that this might be the year that we would be driven out of business. But because all of you chose a quality, American-made product despite having to pay a bit extra, we were not only able to support our family, but we were able to continue to donate blankets to veterans as well.

We believe that everyone deserves a blanket that will hug them back and that’s why we will continue to make our Magic Weighted Blankets for as long as customers like you continue to show support.


Thank you everyone and here’s to a magical 2020!