Discover a higher level of serenity in amazing comfort.

Our first company, the Original Bean Blanket Company, maker of The Magic Blanket, was the first to commercially design, make and sell weighted blankets starting back in 1998. Weighted blankets are now a main stream product, sold by multiple manufacturers all over the world.

Now we've created a more comfortable way to relax and relieve anxiety in amazing comfort: introducing the Zero Gravity Zen Bag - ideal for reading, meditating, playing video games, or just chilling out. 

The key to the Zero Gravity Zen Bag is being able to recline back in the zero gravity position with legs elevated above the heart.  This position was developed by NASA to put astronauts in a safer and more comfortable position during lift off. For anybody standing on their feet or sitting all day, reclining in this position helps to rejuvenate tired legs and provide a natural way to soothe anxiety.  With your body reclined and your legs elevated, you are facing skyward, putting you in a more natural and comfortable position to reach a higher state of comfort, relaxation and serenity.

The Zero Gravity Zen Bag and the Magic Blanket are a perfect complement, designed to help soothe the physical and emotional stress of an increasingly hectic life.  Get into the zen and you will discover what space travelers have known for years - stress relief, relaxation or meditation in zero gravity is out of this world.

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  • Hello, I have many health issues and was wondering if any tests have been studied about this helping Fibromaylgia? I have not been able to work since 2015 and in process of trying for disability. I was wondering if you could contact me and see about donations or marking the products down or if there is a way to get one? Even an imperfection one?

  • Hello,
    I am connected with a non-profit, Friends of Ward 8, which supports a residential treatment program for veterans who served in combat zones with PTSD. I saw that you donate blankets to veterans. How are they selected? At any time this program has about 24 veterans who stay for 3-6 weeks. Would it be possible to get some 10lb. or 15lb lap blankets donated to our program so that the veterans coming through the program can experience the effects and if they find them helpful, pursue getting blankets of their own?
    Also, are you considering donating any of the zero gravity Zen Bags.

    Thank you,

    Sarah Burnham

    Sarah Burnham

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