The Blanket That Hugs You Back...Since 1998


  • The Magic Weighted Blanket - The first, the original… Magic Weighted Blanket was invented in 1998 by Keith Zivalich after his daughter rested her beanie baby on his shoulders while driving on a family road trip, the one-piece blanket is made in the US, comes in seven different sizes and wide range of colors and materials- like chenille, fleece, cotton and even waterproof and is both machine washable and dryer friendly.


Linda Rosen
Linda Rosen 27 Jun 22:09

The idea of a restful night’s sleep would be a dream come true. Bring on the hugs!

Becky Larson
Becky Larson 27 Jun 22:09

Super excited for the opportunity to try a Magic Weighted Blanket. I am interested for my 14 yr old daughter who has anxiety, as well as consideration for the young kids I see as a pediatric physical therapist. Thanks for your consideration and development of a potentially life changing product.

Julie Bruner
Julie Bruner 27 Jun 22:09

I am retired Navy. I have PTS, MST and TBI. I believe one of the blankets would help. I am being treated at the VA in Arkansas.

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