Help For Veterans With PTSD

The Magic Blanket team is very pleased to announce that each month, a limited number of Magic Blankets will be set aside and made available to low-income veterans suffering from PTSD.

Since going into business in 1998, we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of The Magic Blanket by veterans to help provide calming and comfort for those experiencing PTSD from their deployments. We have also seen that many vets are dealing with this problem while having to live on fixed incomes.

After serving our country valiantly, we are very happy to make these limited number of blankets available for those most in need. If you are an active or retired veteran suffering from PTSD on a limited-income, please contact us here.

We will not be able to fulfill all requests, but for those in the most need, we will do our best.  And thank you for your service to our country.

The Magic Blanket Team





Alberta Lassiter

Hi, My husband is 90% disable vet and I’m trying to see if this will help him sleep better.
Sincerely ,Alberta

Amy Kilpatrick

Good evening. I was wondering if you accept payments. My nephew is a Vet with PTSD. Has no job but I would love to be able to get one for him and I work part time.

Thank you. Amy Kilpatrick

Shelly Shallenberger

Good Evening!
My husband is a Purple Heart/Bronze Star Recipient. He’s about to undergo his 36th surgery at Rush Hospital in Chicago. He would greatly appreciate a weighted blanket. He has several physical issues that make sleep difficult. Please feel free to contact me for more information!
Thank you so much,
Shelly Shallenberger

Angela Kornegay

To whom it may concern I’m 90 percent due to ptsd and manic depressive I heard these work wonders and would love to have one but I’m on a fixed income and they are exspensive thank you for what you can do Angela

Daniel Devries

Hi, I’m a disabled veteran that served in the Iraq war. I suffer from PTSD and don’t sleep very well. I’m constantly tossing and turning and can’t sleep most nights. I’ve heard these blankets work awesome but I just can’t fit it in the budget, as much as I would love to have one. Please let me know if you are able to help me out. Thank you, Daniel Devries

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