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5 Reasons to Buy American Products

e here at the Magic Weighted Blanket are proud to make our blankets here in the United States. You’ve probably heard us, other companies, and/or politicians talk about how important it is to buy American-made products. But why is it important? Well, here are five reasons why you should buy American:

1. Labor/Safety Laws

As a result of decades of fighting for stricter labor and safety laws by unions and the workers that they represent, the United States not only ensures that its workers are treated better than workers in many other countries, but also that products made here are safe and of high quality. So, by buying American, you are secure in the knowledge both that workers have rights and that the products you are buying are safe.

2. Fair Wages

In addition to labor and safety laws, the United States also has a minimum wage that is higher than that many other countries. The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25/hour, but states are allowed to have a higher minimum wage (though not a lower wage). For instance, here in California, where we make our Magic Weighted Blankets, the minimum wage is currently $13/hour and will increase to $15/hour by 2023. In China, where many products sold here in America are made, the minimum wage varies by region, but the highest minimum wage in the country is (in U.S. dollars) just under $4/hour.  

3. Poor Working Conditions Abroad

Unfortunately, low wages aren’t the only problem for many foreign workers. Remember how we used to talk about the horrors of sweatshops? While the U.S. media doesn’t seem to talk about it as much anymore, poor working conditions and a lack of safety regulations in countries like China put both workers and consumers at risk. If you buy American, you are showing that you refuse to support slave-like working conditions, even if they make products cheaper. Hopefully boycotting products made in countries with poor labor/safety laws will force those countries to make changes.

4. Supporting American Workers

We’re not going to lie to you: American workers aren’t doing well right now. Even before the pandemic hit, jobs were being outsourced in continuously increasing numbers. Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs since March, and the current unemployment rate is at 7.7%. By buying from companies that make their products here in the United States, you are helping to create jobs for unemployed Americans.

5. Support Small Businesses

Let’s be honest: Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. don’t care about American workers. They pay the lowest possible wages, and have such poor working conditions that it was reported back in 2018 that some Amazon Warehouse employees were peeing in bottles because they didn’t have time to take bathroom breaks. Many small businesses, however, actually do care about their workers. Because there aren’t as many links in the chain of command separating owners from workers, small business owners often have a better relationship with their employees. These are the businesses that consumers should be rewarding with their purchases. Small businesses that make their products in America may not always be able to compete in price with giant corporations, but at least you know that you’re supporting workers here rather than harming them abroad.

If, you care about workers both here in the United States and abroad, you should consider buying American whenever possible.

 You’re not only supporting American workers and small businesses, but you’re incentivizing other countries to improve working conditions, wages, and consumer safety. We here at the Magic Weighted Blanket will continue supporting workers by making our blankets right here in California. You can help us by choosing our weighted blankets over those made overseas and sold by Amazon, Walmart, Target, and other big corporations. Check out our selection at