The blanket that hugs "couples" back!

We are very excited to start offering The Magic Blanket in a "Couples Pack."  We get many requests from prospective customers asking for a queen or king size blanket.  We explain that we don't make blankets that large because a queen size blanket that measures 66x78-inches would have to weigh 30 pounds or more to offer a therapeutic benefit. And a blanket that large is a beast to move and clean.

Our recommendation is to get the blanket to fit the person, not the bed.  Now, if a couple would like to enjoy the benefits of the blanket that hugs you back, we are offering two 42x78-inch, 18 pound blankets bundled together for one deeply discounted price.

Couples can now individually enjoy their own blanket, making it easier to move and clean each blanket without having to haul one queen or king size blanket to the laundromat.  The Couples Pack will be available in chenille, minky, flannel, cotton or fleece.  But both must be same fabric and size.  So, for example, we won't be able to do one in chenille and the other in cotton. 

Pricing for the Couples Pack will be as follows:


Two 42x78-inch, 18 pound Magic Blankets in:

Fleece - $286 (normally $358)

Cotton - $302 (normally $378)

Chenille or Minky - $366 (normally $458)