The Inventor Of The Weighted Blanket Introduces The Next Mainstream Must Have For Relaxation And Renewal

The Zero Gravity Zen Bag is bringing the comfort and rejuvenating benefits of sitting in the zero gravity position to the masses - just like we did for the weighted blanket.

Despite having been around commercially since 1998, weighted blankets have recently burst into the mainstream as a natural way to experience calming and improved sleep. The inventor of the weighted blanket is at it again, this time designing a more effective way to beat stress and promote mental and physical rejuvenation while sitting in the zero gravity position.

Designed to put the user in a position with the back reclined at a 130-degree angle and feet elevated above the heart, the Zero Gravity Zen Bag is the latest invention of the weighted blanket inventor, Keith Zivalich. “When I invented the weighted blanket back in ‘90s, the idea of being hugged by a heavy blanket seemed like a very natural and effective way to feel safe and comforted,” said Mr. Zivalich. “In 2015, I decided to try meditation. Sitting cross-legged in the lotus position felt anything but safe and comforting. After a few minutes, I started to feel back and leg pain and began to fall backwards. As I was falling backwards, there was a moment when I was half way between sitting up and laying down – it was in that brief moment of limbo that I felt something really good. I would soon learn that I was in the zero gravity position. So I began developing an affordable and comfortable way to permanently stay in that position. And the Zero Gravity Zen Bag was born.”

Like his Magic Weighted Blanket, the Zero Gravity Zen Bag is a natural and effective way to relieve stress and rejuvenate. Central to the zero gravity concept is the ability to elevate the legs above the heart. This is especially important for people who are on their feet much of the day, whether in the office, in the home, in the field or playing sports. Sitting in the zero gravity position was originally designed by NASA as the most comfortable way to launch astronauts into space. In this position, there is less stress on the body as the heart doesn’t have to work as hard to circulate blood and spinal compression and joint pressure is reduced. This helps promote the rejuvenation of tired minds and bodies, and an overall feeling of weightlessness.

“Zero gravity recliners on the market today can weigh over a hundred pounds and cost many thousands of dollars. The Zero Gravity Zen bag costs less than $200, weighs less than five pounds and can be taken anywhere,” according to Mr. Zivalich. “I’ve used it at the beach, in the mountains, and in my backyard. But wherever I use it, it truly delivers out of this world comfort.”

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