The Magic Weighted Blanket Donates 200th Weighted Blanket To Veterans Suffering With PTSD - Magic Weighted Blanket (Made in USA)

The Magic Weighted Blanket Donates 200th Weighted Blanket To Veterans Suffering With PTSD

In honor of Memorial Day, the Magic Weighted Blanket is proud to announce it has donated its 200th Magic Weighted Blanket to veterans suffering with PTSD (a value of over $40,000).

Working through the Massachusetts VA and Friends Of Ward 8, the Magic Weighted Blanket donates its weighted blankets as part of a 6-week program designed to help combat veterans who have experienced hardcore, traumatic experiences, including the loss of body parts, ambushes, and room-to-room fire fights.

Gilbert Figueroa, president of Friends of Ward 8, makes sure veterans going through the 6-week program have everything they need to make their stay successful. 

Gil often interacts with the combat vets during the weekly ‘Missing Man Meal,’ where they remember their fallen comrades.  “This is an important part of their treatment, as they remember the ultimate sacrifice their comrades have made, while they are learning techniques to deal with their own sacrifices and traumas,” said Gil. “These weighted blankets have been invaluable as they deal with these stressful memories.”

And the vets agree. “It helps me feel centered and grounded. It allows me to know that while my mind is remembering a traumatic event, my body is safe.  It keeps me from getting up and running away from what my mind is remembering,” says Ralph M. about his Magic Weighted Blanket.

 “I received my blanket along with a card thanking me for my service.  It’s like an entire body hug, so soothing and relaxing.  I lay on the couch under my weighted blanket with my ESA (Emotional Support Animal) Athena and I just drift off every time!” said William K.

 “I am a former Military Police Officer that served in OEF/OIF. I am a total and permanent disabled veteran suffering from extreme PTSD.  I have been using my Magic Weighted Blanket every night and loving it.
I still have my traumatic nightmares but this blanket comforts me and eases my stress and anxiety,” said Katrina G.

“My weighted blanket has been a game changer. I don't fall out the bed like before, nor wake up in sweat from nightmares. I still have them, but not like before,” said Lequette M, a combat veteran suffering from PTSD with a Traumatic Brain Injury,

The weighted blanket was invented by Keith Zivalich in 1997.  24 years later, his Magic Weighted Blanket has become a global phenomenon, helping many tens of thousands of stressed out people enjoy better sleep and find a little calm and comfort in an increasingly stressful world, including 200 very grateful veterans.