Washing Your Weighted Blanket Should NOT Be That Stressful!

Having invented the weighted blanket over 21 years ago, we are amazed, and thrilled, at how they have grown in popularity over the past three years. Most of this growth is coming from weighted blankets that are made in China and come with some rather peculiar washing instructions. 

According to multiple manufacturers, in order to wash their weighted blankets, you must first unzip the outer cover.  Then you must untie the inner liner from the duvet.  At this point, you can put the removable duvet in the washer (please see our earlier blog about the perils of zippers). However, if you would like to wash the heavy inner-liner, which can weigh up to 25 pounds, those manufacturers advise you to hand wash only.  One manufacturer suggests you hand wash their blanket in a bath tub and then carry a water-logged weighted blanket out to be line dried.  Imagine hand washing a 20 or 25 pound inner liner in the bath tub and then carrying it out to be line dried.  A weighted blanket should help reduce stress, not cause it.

We designed our blankets to help relieve anxiety with easy care maintenance.  Our blankets are all machine washable and machine dryable.  There is no duvet to remove.  No zipper to get jammed.  No heavy inner-liner to untie and to hand wash.  No struggle to re-assemble. Just toss your Magic Blanket into the washer and dryer, take it out and start using it for stress-free calming and comfort.