how to washing a weighted blanket

How to Wash Your Magic Weighted Blanket

How to Wash Your Magic Weighted Blanket

Washing Your Weighted Blanket Should NOT Be That Stressful!

By Keith Zivalich

Update July 12, 2022


Since inventing the weighted blanket 25 years ago, I get calls nearly every day asking how to care for a weighted blanket. Many callers have read on our competitor web sites that their blankets can only be washed by removing the cover to machine wash and then hand wash or spot clean the heavier inner liner. Really?! Who’s going to hand wash a 20 pound blanket in the bathtub and then carry it outside to dry. My back hurts just thinking about doing that.

With our Magic Weighted Blanket you get stress free machine wash and machine dry. No removable covers to unzip and untie. No machine washing the cover and hand washing the liner. Just stress free wash and dry for stress free cleaning.

The Two Step Cleaning Process For Permanently Attached Covers (like the Magic Weighted Blanket)

Here are the two steps required for washing a weighted blanket with a permanently attached cover:

1.      Toss the weighted blanket in the washer

2.      Toss the weighted blanket in the dryer

The Eight-Step Method For Removable Duvet Covers

Here are the eight steps required to facilitate cleaning your weighted blanket with a removable duvet cover:

1.      Unzip the duvet cover (please see our earlier blog about the perils of zippers).

2.      Undo the ties that secure the weighted inner liner to the duvet cover

3.      Separate the weighted inner liner from the duvet cover

4.      Machine wash the duvet cover

5.      Hand wash or spot clean the inner weighted liner

6.      Air dry the inner weighted liner

7.      Re-attach the ties to secure the inner weighted liner to the duvet cover

8.      Re-zip the duvet cover around the inner weighted liner

What We Have Learned Over The Years

Another common question is “Can I put a 16 or 20 pound blanket in my washer/dryer and how often can I wash it?” Answer to the first part is that most High Efficiency (HE) washers and dryers can handle max loads up to 21 pounds.  You can learn more about HE washer/dryer loads here;  Tide Soap Washing Instructions.  For the second part, we have been washing a 48x78-inch, 20 pound chenille Magic Blanket once a month for over 10 years – so at least 120 times and counting.

So Don’t Lose Sleep Over Washing And Drying Your Weighted Blanket

Let your weighted blanket bring you improved sleep and lower stress. But don’t let caring for it cause you to toss and turn. Two simple steps makes having a fresh weighted blanket as easy as tossing it in any HE washer and dryer and enjoying many years of care free and stress free cleaning.