Weighted Blanket Types and Uses - Magic Weighted Blanket (Made in USA)

Weighted Blanket Types and Uses

Weighted blankets are blankets with filling that causes them to feel heavy. Weighted blankets hold universal importance and are a must-have for both kids and adults. Usually, the weighted blankets are draped around you while you sit or sleep.

The weight of the Magic Weighted Blanket supplies pressure to the human body. The nervous system is responsive to the deep touch pressure bestowed on it. The happy hormones serotonin and melatonin are released thus decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. The serotonin hormone regulates one's mood and the central nervous system functions. While the second one, melatonin regulates the circadian rhythms positively affecting an individual’s sleep cycles.

Weighted blankets have positive effects on a person’s entire physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The best-weighted blankets promote healthy sleep and relaxation in adults and kids as well.

The Need for Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have become mainstream since the increase of various disorders such as-

  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Anxiety disorders and Insomnia

The different sensory disorders have been growing among the children and adults of the 21st century.

Some people use conventional medical aids to treat the various disorders. Choosing the unconventional and non-medical method of treating the sensory disorders can work better with the weighted blankets. Both the children and adults benefit alike from weighted blankets to cope with stress, anxiety, sensory needs, and sleeplessness.

Research has shown how the best-weighted blankets help in-

  • reducing anxiety
  • lowering stress levels
  • calms body and soul
  • improved sleep behaviors

The Availability of Weighted Blankets

The weighted blankets are available in the market in a wide range from custom-designs to mass produced.

  • Some weighted blankets are specifically designed for kids while some are designed taking into consideration the adults needs.   
  • The weighted blankets can be customized according to the needs and preferences of children and adults.
  • The choices are many with king size weighted blankets and queen size weighted blankets respectively. However, we do not recommend getting a weighted blanket that big.
  • The factors like blanket size, blanket weight, and the type are taken into consideration when buying weighted blankets.
  • The weighted blankets for individual needs may vary in designs, weight, and appearance.

Some weighted blankets have an outer layer that’s washable and some can be washed without removing the cover. The Magic Weighted Blanket is completely machine washable. 

The Types of Weighted Blankets based on the Difference of Purpose

The weighted blankets serve different people for different reasons. The weight and size of the weighted blankets differ for individual needs. Our world's softest weighted blankets provide warmth and gentle pressure to the person's body using it. This soft pressure created is equivalent to the feeling of being held or hugged. The sensations caused have a positive impact on the person’s mood and feelings. Thus the weighted blankets are gaining popularity as a tool to combat anxiety and other sensory disorders.
Apart from providing relief for anxiety and depression, weighted blankets can help in many other ways.

  • Weighted Blanket for Sleep: The weighted blankets for sleep are better and much more comfortable than regular sleeping blankets. The weighted blankets are found to improve sleep behaviors thereby increasing the sleeping time. The weighted blankets improve an individual's sleep by improving the release of melatonin in the body. Melatonin tells the body when it is time to sleep but there are many factors that can cause its release. Late unnatural night lighting, use of gadgets, and irregular schedules hinder the release of melatonin. The release of melatonin is directly related to the production of serotonin in the human body. The weighted blankets enable the production of serotonin in the body thus increasing the release of melatonin. In a nutshell, the sleeping weighted blankets help your body achieve a better sleep schedule.

  • Weighted Blanket for Adults: The benefits of weighted blankets for adults are research backed. Adults top the list when it comes to anxiety, stress, disturbed sleep patterns, and other sensory disorders. This may be due to the maximum exposure to work pressure and unhealthy relationships. The weighted blankets for adults are very beneficial to one's physical and mental well-being. Our weighted blankets for adults have calming effects that are a natural way to help you cope with daily stress and anxiety.

  • Weighted Blanket for Autism: Autism is complex and scientists are still researching and discovering new information about it.
    Autism affects each individual differently and is typically apparent by the age of two. Autistic children might face trouble interacting, lack social skills, and show slow cognitive development. Autism can be a challenging disorder and sometimes needs special attention from the caretakers of the patients. There are numerous medical treatments and therapies designed to treat Autism disorders but they can be quite expensive. ABA is an example of an expensive autistic therapy that has a lot of criticism within the autistic community.The affordable Magic Weighted Blanket has the potential to help children feel secure and achieve a peaceful state of mind. Our best-weighted blankets for Autism allows deep touch pressure stimulation which produces serotonin. Serotonin is an influential neurotransmitter that has a positive impact on mood, appetite, sleep, and learning.
    The Autism weighted blankets promote peaceful sleep as a result of the weight of the blanket that discourages restlessness. Our inexpensive weighted blankets have no side-effects thus becoming the best-weighted blankets for autism.
  • Stress Blanket: The stress blankets are a practical choice for those dealing with high levels of stress. Stress has now become part and parcel of human life. With so much on the job pressure and life stress, one is left exhausted at the end of the day. The exhaustion gets worsened when one is unable to sleep peacefully due to work stress.
    Stress also builds up and turns to depression when one finds it difficult to come to terms with personal life and relationships.
    To stop the constant tossing and turning in order to fall asleep, you must turn to stress blankets.
    The weighted blankets have earned recognition with its stress, anxiety, and insomnia relieving effects on the human body. The stress blankets have soothing effects that make you feel hugged. The mild compression caused by the weighted blankets make it harder for you to toss and turn while sleeping. When a person is able to sleep and relax, the stress levels tend to go down. 
    Our best-weighted blankets can help you fight against stress and sleepless nights.

The Types of Weighted Blankets on the Basis of Fabric Used

    The best-weighted blankets are made up of different fabrics such as chenille, mink, cotton, and fleece. The Magic weighted blankets are made up of non-toxic and hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets. This is what makes our weighted blankets stand apart from regular weighted blankets.
    The weighted blankets can be classified on the basis of the different type of fabric used in their manufacturing.

    Chenille Weighted Blankets

    The chenille weighted blankets are made up of chenille which is a tremendously fluffy fabric. The chenille weighted blankets are considered to be the world's softest weighted blankets. The chenille fabric is ultra soft this makes the chenille weighted blankets the most comfortable. Sleep is all about comfort which is best offered by our colorful range of chenille Magic Weighted Blankets. The chenille blankets are ideal for people trying to cope with anxiety and stress.

    Minky Weighted Blankets

    The Minky weighted blankets are made up of soft and cuddly plush Minky fabric. The Minky weighted blankets have shorter fiber than chenille giving them a soft and silky touch. The Minky weighted blankets are best for adults and children who tend to have a colder body temperature. Even for people residing in a cold climate, the Minky Magic Weighted Blankets can be the best choice.

    Cotton Magic Weighted Blankets

    The cotton Magic Weighted Blankets are considered to be the best-weighted blankets due to their suitability for all. The cotton weighted blankets are constructed using 100 percent cotton fabric. Our cotton Magic Weighted Blankets are filled with breathable poly pellets. When the room temperature is kept cool, the cotton weighted blankets will not be hot. The cotton blanket will help dissipate body heat when the person is fast asleep. The breathable cotton weighted blankets are best for adults and children with sensory disorders.

    Fleece Magic Weighted Blankets

    The fleece Magic Weighted Blanket is the best choice for those who need deep pressure night and day. Using the fleece magic weighted blanket is an effective natural treatment for those with autism and sensory disorders. Our Fleece Magic Weighted Blankets are made out of luxurious fleece fabric which is soft to the touch with high durability. These soft blankets are perfect for everyday use as they promote a calming effect on the human body.

    Waterproof Weighted Blankets 

    The waterproof weighted blankets are water-resistant, fire-resistant, and anti-microbial. The waterproof weighted blankets form a barrier against liquids yet remain breathable. The waterproof blankets allow the water vapor and heat to escape from inside the blanket. This enables the person to sleep comfortably without allowing the body heat to build up inside the blanket.

    Custom Weighted Blankets

    The provision for custom weighted blankets allows the customers to choose the fabric, size, and weight of the weighted blanket. Because individual needs may vary, a person can easily get custom weighted blankets made for them. The custom weighted blankets offer the free will to blend the different fabric, weight, and sizes together. The custom weighted blankets are more personalized making the user feel more comfortable in them.

    The Beneficial Uses of Weighted Blankets 

     The weighted blankets can work marvelously for attaining a state of mental peace and relaxation. The benefits of using weighted blankets are evident from the positive weighted blanket reviews.
    You can use the Magic Weighted Blankets and enjoy the benefits mentioned below-

    • Break the Anxiety-Insomnia Spiral: The weighted blankets break the anxiety-insomnia spiral by compressing the body. The pressure produced by the weighted blankets reduces nighttime cortisol levels. The anxiety-insomnia spiral can cause the cortisol levels to rise.
    • Calms down the Body: The weighted blankets calm the body down by reducing the activity of the nervous system. The weighted blankets bring about positive physiological changes in the human body by producing a calming effect.
    • Improve Quality of Sleep: What else can improve the quality of the sleep than the weighted blankets. With the improved sleep quality, people tend to wake up more relaxed and refreshed in the morning.
    • Benefits more than just Anxiety: Besides anxiety, the weighted blankets are very effective for adults and children with Autism and related disorders. The weighted blankets help children and adults with Autism calm down, de-stress, and sleep better.
    • Improve Focus: The weighted blankets improve focus and on-task behaviors of adults and children using them during the daytime.
    • Natural Aid: Although there are clinical aids available to treat various sensory disorders more people are turning to a more natural aid. The weighted blankets are naturally effective for all. The weighted blankets are affordable and readily available.

    Add the Magic Weighted Blankets to your self-care routine today!