Time Magazine scams Weighted Blanket inventor

The Time Magazine Best Inventions of 2018 is out.  And we are very happy to say that the weighted blanket has been recognized as one of the 2018 Time Magazine inventions of the year. We sold the first weighted blanket in December, 1998 and we have made and sold over 100,000 since.  However, we are very disappointed that, as the inventors of the weighted blanket, Time Magazine has chosen to feature a newcomer to the weighted blanket category, rather than the actual weighted blanket inventor.

The Magic Weighted Blanket was contacted by Time Magazine and asked to submit an application (and pay $300) for their best inventions award.  We were interviewed by Time where we told our story how the idea first materialized back in 1997.  We discussed how our blanket quickly became recognized as a very effective and natural way to combat stress and anxiety in our daily lives.  We also discussed at length how numerous weighted blanket companies have recently entered the category, capitalizing on our success, which is to be expected in a free market economy.  However, as we pointed out in the interview, in no way could these other weighted blanket companies be considered an original invention.

To our great dismay, the newcomer won out. Time’s inventions article admits that the company they bestowed as one of their 2018 inventions of the year was not their invention.  So we ask, why would Time Magazine attribute the label of "invention" of the year to a company that is not the inventor?

On a personal note, this one really hurts.  This is a blow to all inventors who passionately struggle to bring their ideas to market; who must overcome numerous obstacles to prove the merits of their ideas; only to have a media giant like Time Magazine recognize a newcomer without an original idea and reward them with the dubious title of "invention of the year."

We will take great satisfaction, however, knowing that we invented a product that has brought so much calm and comfort to an over-stressed world.  We’ve been doing it for 20 years, and we will strive to do it for another 20 years.  And we will proudly continue to advocate for other inventors and entrepreneurs to achieve success on a level playing field against larger corporate interests. 

Keith Zivalich - Weighted Blanket inventor 


  • I’m so sorry this happened and that Time seemed to think that sleek mass marketing and a successful Kickstarter were reason enough to bypass the real inventor of the blanket. What’s the invention, here, a therapeutic blanket or a photo-shoot? I bought a weighted blanket for my husband a year and a half ago and it’s probably his favorite possession—it’s improved his sleep to an incredible extent. I’m currently saving up to buy a second weighted blanket for myself because as soon as he leaves in the morning I dive under it. I wouldn’t even consider buying one from any of your competitors, because no one can compete with the washability, durability, fabric and color choice, and self-tested research that your company provides.

    I totally get why this hurts. But even if the slinky sleek company is getting the accolades, surely you know that you have literally changes lives, hundreds or thousands of them, for the better.

  • I am sorry that this has happened to your company. I always research any item before I purchase it. I have found that your blanket seems to be the only one that I would considered purchasing because you have validated your chooses on things with research and tests.

    I see others contain glass beads but I like your concept of the pellets better. I am ordering my blanket from your company this week. I wish you continued success!


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