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Choosing The Right Weight




The following are general guidelines for appropriate weight selection. Or call toll free at 877-711-2020

If working with an OT, please consult with them on size and weight.

And importantly, please keep in mind, that we are not medical professionals, and nothing on this site is a substitute for a consultation with qualified medical personnel.

A weighted blanket can be a substantial investment and, like you, we want your investment to last a long time.  As a general guideline for selecting the correct size and weight, there are two considerations you might want to keep in mind:

1) How much does the user weigh now, and
2) How much to allow for future growth


Children grow fast, and they can quickly outgrow a weighted blanket. So when selecting a size and weight, allow six inches or more in length and two pounds or more in weight to allow for growing room.

Remember to never leave a small child unattended while using a weighted blanket, and make sure the child is strong enough to push the blanket off of his or her body if needed. Our guidelines are based on customer insights. Consult with an OT for their professional recommendations.

For adults not on the autism spectrum, we have recently added a new blanket to our line. Called the Magic Blanket Lite, the blanket measures 48x78-inches and weighs 14 pounds. It is designed to provide a medium amount of pressure on the body, providing a person with a gentle and relaxing hug without the deep pressure input found in our regular weighted blankets.