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According to MarketWatch, weighted blankets generated over $290 million in sales globally in 2020.  In 2027, that number is projected to be over $1.3 billion in yearly sales.

That phenomenal success is due to one reason – being hugged under a weighted blanket reduces anxiety and improves sleep. If it wasn’t true, we would not be here 24 years later.

As the demand for weighted blankets grows, most of that demand is now being met by overseas manufacturers, many of whom are producing inferior products using unfair and unethical labor practices. This is a message your followers care about.


When we introduced the first weighted blanket in 1998 people were confused. “Why would anybody want a blanket with weight intentionally added in it?” was the question we kept hearing.

Then we gave one of our weighted blankets to a friend who taught disabled children. The sensory input created by applying direct pressure on the body showed immediate results with her students. It would prove to be revolutionary and life-changing.



It is our goal to help your followers and our customers make informed purchase decisions that don’t compromise quality and treats American workers fairly by paying them a living wage.

So we are recruiting Magic Weighted Blanket Sleep Ambassadors to share our story, to offer customers a better and more humane choice, and for you to make a little money - all while helping the world sleep more and stress less.

Sign up to be a Magic Weighted Blanket Sleep Ambassador and earn a 10% commission on every sale. And the customer you send to us will receive a 10% discount. It’s a win win. And you will be helping support a product Made In America that will bring calm, comfort and better sleep to an increasingly stressed out world.

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