Bulletproof's - 5 Best Weighted Blankets to Help You Sleep and Chill Out

The Magic Blanket


I tried the “Magic Blanket Lite” — their most popular blanket — priced at $209. It weighs 10 pounds and measures 42 by 78 inches (the company sells blankets up to 24 pounds). I chose the chenille fabric in charcoal color. They created the Lite option after some customers found their same-sized heavier blankets too intense, says Katie Zivalich, director of communications at The Magic Blanket.

“[The Lite] is intended to feel like a gentle hug,” says Zivalich.

Other fabrics include minky (silky), fleece, cotton, waterproof, or a mix-and-match option. But don’t plan on sharing this blanket. “It’s intended for one individual so that the blanket can mold to the body,” said Zivalich.

Our review: The chenille fabric feels incredibly luxurious and soft, and the charcoal color looks stylish and works with most decor schemes. The blanket itself was lighter than the others that I tried — a good or a bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for. It felt just slightly heavier than a normal blanket — familiar, with some nice added weight. I found it ideal for kicking back on the couch while watching Netflix or for an afternoon nap, but if you’re looking for something to really weigh you down, you might want to consider one of the company’s heavier offerings.