Introducing Free Return Shipping On Exchanges

The Magic Weighted Blanket is very pleased to announce that customers who choose to exchange their blankets within the 10-Day Satisfaction Guaranteed time period will receive a prepaid return label to send their blankets back.  And we will pay shipping on the new Magic Weighted Blanket, as well.

For customers returning their blankets for refunds, return shipping will continue to be their responsibility.

We are doing free return shipping on exchanges because choosing the right weight is not an exact science.  While the vast majority of our customers are very pleased with their initial choice in size and weight, sometimes a selected blanket might be too heavy or too light. 

We have found that the Magic Blanket Lite, as an example, is a perfect size and weight for those not on the autism spectrum but still want to enjoy the benefits of a gentle hug.  Sometimes, however, that gentle hug isn't providing enough deep pressure input to provide the desired therapeutic benefit.

Now, with our free return shipping on exchanges, our customers can exchange the blanket for something that will provide deeper muscle stimulation, resulting in increased calming and comfort. In some cases, that will be the 42x72-inch, 16 pound, or the long twin, 18 pound, or even the full size, 24 pound.

And the reverse is also true.  Sometimes a person's body is more sensitive to weight and the pressure from a heavier blanket might feel restrictive or a little overwhelming. Now exchanging for a lighter blanket means you won't endure added shipping costs to send the blanket back. Nor will you have to pay the shipping on the new blanket.

We have initiated our free return shipping on exchanges to help take the expense and pain out of having to exchange a blanket for a different size or weight.  But we would like to stress that our Size Guide is still the most effective and accurate indicator of the  correct size and weight to choose.  But now our customers can enjoy some peace of mind knowing that if they do need to exchange, they will get free shipping on the return and the new blanket.

To exchange a blanket, just send us an email or give us a call at 877-711-2020 within the 10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee time frame.  And all exchanged blankets must still be in new condition.