Learn More About Weighted Blankets – Frequently Asked Questions

At Magic Weighted Blanket we get a lot of questions from customers who are new to the idea of weighted blankets. Weighted blankets have been known to help kids and adults with special needs like autism and ADHD. However, with time new benefits have been discovered. Weighted blankets for anxiety, weighted blankets for insomnia or sleeplessness are a few of the new uses of the weighted blankets. As more and more people are learning about this, we get an increasing number of queries from customers.

Let us start by stating that weighted blankets are perfectly safe. The weight in the blanket is only so much that it helps you relax. The weight in the blankets is proportionate to your body weight and in no way can it be detrimental to your wellbeing. Let us start with the FAQs

What is a weighted blanket?

A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a blanket with extra weight in it. However, while they sound simple, there are multiple factors that you'll want to look at when deciding what blanket to purchase.

What is the weight in the blanket?

The material can determine the feeling of the blanket, as well as how easy they are to wash. A weighted blanket can have many different materials that make it heavier. Two of the most common ones you will find are glass beads or plastic pellets. However, you can come across blankets that have rice, millet, or even lead in them (avoid the lead).

How Does a Weighted Blanket Work?

Next, let’s explore why a weighted blanket is effective. Our joints contain receptors called Golgi tendon organs. For most of us, they work efficiently, communicating with our nervous system, keeping us informed of the whereabouts of our joints in space. For instance, if you close your eyes and lift your right arm up, you can tell exactly where your arm is, how high, and its position.

Now you can understand why individuals with sensory integration disorder, autism or sensory challenges can benefit from weighted blankets. The weight stimulates the Golgi tendon organs and improves awareness of our body in space. In addition, weight creates a sense of calm as the skin receptors are stimulated.

Is a weighted duvet style or single piece?

Some weighted blankets are designed as one-piece, where the outer layer is also the weighted layer. However, what has become more popular is to have a weighted blanket be two separate pieces, in a duvet style.

What material are weighted blankets made of?

The outside material is important to consider when buying a weighted blanket. Maybe you'll want something lighter like a linen, or you'll want a more sensory input from a dotted Minky blanket. If you have a duvet style blanket, you can perhaps choose which layer you want, or switch them out depending on the season.

How heavy should a Weighted Blanket be?

One guideline to follow is the blanket should be about 10 percent of your body weight. However, choosing the weight of the blanket is really about personal preference. Magic Weighted Blankets creates blankets for people who struggle with sleeplessness and anxiety. We also know that the average person enjoys sleeping under a weighted blanket.

If you need the blanket for a medical reason we encourage you to consult a physician or an occupational therapist. For children, it is important to use the guidelines suggested by occupational therapists, 10% of body weight plus 1 pound. This formula provides therapeutic benefits and protects the child from feeling "trapped" under a blanket.

Are Weighted Blankets Washer and Dryer Safe?

 When purchasing products for family, one that is not recommended is buying something that requires special care. We are all busy doing the best we can to care for our families, so having things that we have to remember special care instructions for is an interruption to our lives.  Our blanket has no special care instructions.

How to wash a weighted blanket?

The answer is simple, “Throw it in the washer and dryer! Wash it separately in warm or cool water. You can throw a couple of towels in to prevent the washing machine from getting off balance. Then place the blanket in the dryer and tumble dry on low.

Will the blanket makes me too hot at night?

Blankets are made from two different fabrics, Flannel or Quilt Fabric. Flannel is a soft fabric that is commonly used to make children’s blankets. It is warm and tends to hold heat. We suggest that our customers that are “always cold” purchase a fabric made from flannel. Quilt fabric is cooler to the touch than flannel. It is soft but not as soft as flannel. We suggest that our customers that get too hot at night or struggle with “hot flashes” order blankets made from quilt fabric.

How does a weighted blanket help people with Autism?

A weighted blanket is a tool that helps many people with autism. Autism is a complex disorder. The weight of the blanket helps produce more serotonin in the system. Serotonin is our feel-good hormone. Some of that serotonin becomes melatonin which the hormone that helps our bodies rest and goes to sleep at night. Weighted products seem to help children with autism feel more grounded and secure. When we feel grounded and secure we are able to focus better and function better.

How do weighted blankets help college students?

It is common for college students to experience high levels of anxiety. They may be away from home for the first time. They are adjusting to roommates and project deadlines. They are trying to figure out careers and meet the spouse of their dreams. An anxious person often has trouble sitting still. They fidget with their hands, bite their fingernails and often talk without taking a breath. We introduced the idea of using the weighted blankets in session. Most of them loved the weighted blankets.

The blankets helped them feel immediately calmer and more relaxed. They were able to sit still and slow down their thoughts. Slowing their thoughts helps them experience their emotions more clearly. When people experience their emotions their anxiety is reduced.

How do Weighted Blankets help Veterans?

Veterans are amazing people. They have literally given their lives to serving their country and protecting the lives of its citizens. Veterans often return from service with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder develops in some people who have seen or lived through a shocking, scary, or dangerous situation.

The disorder is characterized by feeling stressed or frightened even when the person is no longer in danger. Nightmares and terrors are often symptoms that veterans experience. Recently Magic Weighted Blanket received a testimony about a veteran who was struggling with nightmares. He started using a weighted blanket and the nightmares ended that very night! We are so thankful that our weighted blanket helped this soldier.

When to Use Weighted Blankets for Adults?

The benefits of a weighted blanket are so often discussed in relation to toddlers and children that often, it’s easy to forget about weighted blankets for adults and the elderly. These blankets, which are, naturally, larger and heavier than weighted blankets for kids, are made in essentially the same way, with quilted squares used to evenly distribute the weight of the blanket (weighted blankets generally cost between $60 and 175, depending on size, weight and fabric choice). If you’re responsible for caring for an adult or senior -- or even just shopping for yourself -- then it’s good to know a few of the reasons people might benefit from weighted blankets for adults:


Ø  If They Have Alzheimer’s Disease

Although most of the evidence is still anecdotal, some home health agencies and nursing homes have found that weighted blankets can be used to calm and comfort Alzheimer’s patients who become agitated. And since the elderly are often cold as well, the warmth of a weighted blanket is a comfortable bonus.

Ø  If They Have an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Fortunately, public awareness about autism spectrum disorders is growing: One out of every 42 boys and one out of every 189 girls have an ASD, averaging out to about one in 68 children. But it's often forgotten that those children grow up and there are therefore autistic adults, as well. More than 3.5 million Americans currently live with an ASD, and people often struggle to care for these adults once school support ends. But many people have found that weighted blankets can be useful in calming people with autism and helping them focus.

Ø  If They Suffer From Anxiety

Adults who suffer from anxiety can often benefit from weighted blankets because the amount of weight -- tailored to the user’s body weight so it’s neither too heavy nor too light -- provides the same protective sensation as a firm hug.

Ø  If They Have Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory Processing Disorder is a diagnosis that describes problems in the way the neurological system responds to sensory stimuli (you can see some of our recent blogs for more information). Although many diagnoses for SPD are made in school-aged children, more and more adults are starting to self-diagnose as awareness increases. If you’re among them, weighted sensory blankets can help you to experience the deep pressure than many people with SPD need.

Ø  If They Have Trouble Sleeping

Many adults find, even if they haven’t been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder of some kind, that they struggle to get deep, restful sleep -- or tend to sleep better in the winter, when they’re covered in heavy comforters. Weighted blankets can create that same sense of pressure that aids sleep without the unnecessary warmth, making it possible to sleep better year-round.

What are some safety tips to remember for children using weighted blankets?

  • When using a weighted blanket, a child should be able to put it on and remove it themselves. Their head and neck should remain free at all times.
  • Although a minor, the child must also consent to the use of the cover. Any sign of refusal, verbal or nonverbal, must be respected. The calming effect of a weighted blanket works best when it is self-administered.
  • Weighted blankets must never be used as a restraint (including rolling a child up in a blanket, using a very heavy blanket on a child); doing so can be fatal.
  • Children should not use blankets weighted for an adult or a child much larger than they are.
  • Never use a weighted blanket on infants or children younger than 2yo; doing so can be fatal. If they are having trouble sleeping, seek, please consult your healthcare provider for other options.

Why choose us for your weighted blanket purchase?

  • We are THE Original Weighted Blanket. Designed by a weighted blanket inventor, Keith Zivalich, in 1998, giving us 20 years of experience and knowledge.
  • MADE IN USA by highly trained and skilled machine operators.
  • Find your perfect weight with FREE Return Shipping on exchanges (excluding custom orders).
  • One piece blanket design with duvet cover securely sewn onto the inner liner, making the Magic Blanket more durable and easy to wash and use than blankets with removable covers.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED; NO zippers that will tear, NO ties that will break, NO inner liner that will bunch up, NO cover to attach.
  • Most new weighted blankets on the market that are mass produced in China have removable duvet covers. After a few twists and turns in the washer and dryer, zippers often become misaligned and jammed.
  • We only use 100% new, BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets inside our Magic Blankets.
  • NO polyfill which makes the blanket feel warm and stiff: NO Glass Beads which are the size and appearance of sugar grains and can work their way through seams, endangering pets and children.
  • One size does NOT fit all. Most weighted blankets coming from China are only 72 inches long.  This is too short for most men and some women as weighted blankets have a tendency to work their way up, leaving the feet exposed. Our 78-inch blanket is the perfect length for anyone 5 foot 8 inches or taller.
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