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To Our Weighted Blanket Shoppers During These Trying Times

We invented the weighted blanket in 1998. Over the past four years, Chinese-made weighted blankets have flooded the market. As a result, many American-made weighted blanket businesses have struggled, including ours.

As we go through these trying times, please support the resolve of American manufacturing.  If you need a weighted blanket to help you find calm and comfort during these difficult times, please choose an American-made manufacturer like The Magic Weighted Blanket.

Thank you. And be safe!


Why Choose The American-Made Magic Weighted Blanket

  • We Invented The Weighted Blanket In 1998 - we have over 21 years of success and experience making a proven product that works.  We wouldn't still be here if our weighted blankets weren't truly magical.

  • Stress Free Washing & Drying - with our one piece blanket design there is NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED; NO zippers that will break, NO ties that will loosen, NO inner liner that will bunch up, NO cover to detach and reattach every time you need to wash it. Our cover is securely & permanently sewn onto the inner liner. Just toss your Magic Blanket in the washer and dryer, take it out and get your hug on.

  • We DO NOT USE GLASS BEADS - for one simple reason: glass beads are the size and appearance of sugar, which is very small. As seams in the blanket loosen, even slightly, glass beads can get out of the blanket and pose a safety hazard if consumed.  For 21 years, we have safely used 100% new, BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets inside our Magic Blankets. You can relax with confidence knowing you and your family are safe.

  • NO Pollyfill Inside - which makes the blanket feel stiff and lay only on top of your body. Our weighted blanket is truly "the blanket that hugs you back," because it molds around the body. Additionally, polyfill acts as insulation, making the blanket warmer.

  • Proudly Made In America! – Most weighted blankets today are cheaply made in China using inferior, unregulated components. 

  • FREE Shipping To Canada & Lower 48 States.

  • 1 - 3 day Turnaround -  Each Magic Blanket is made to order in our Los Angeles factory  *excluding holidays. 

  • Lifetime Warranty – We’ve been around for over 21 years, and we plan on being around another 21 years.  And we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.  If your Magic Weighted Blanket experiences a manufacturer’s defect 21 years from now, we will fix it or send you a new one.

  • Help Combat Veterans With PTSD – At least 10% of every sale goes to Friends Of Ward 8 who are providing combat veterans returning from war with a Magic Weighted Blanket.

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