Why Choose Us?

10 Reasons to Choose The Magic Blanket 

  • We are THE Original Weighted Blanket. Designed by weighted blanket inventor, Keith Zivalich, in 1998, giving us 20 years of experience and knowledge.
  • MADE IN USA by highly trained and skilled machine operators.
  • Find your perfect weight with FREE Return Shipping on exchanges (excluding custom orders).
  • One piece blanket design with duvet cover securely sewn onto the inner liner, making the Magic Blanket more durable and easy to wash and use than blankets with removable covers.
  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED; NO zippers that will tear, NO ties that will break, NO inner liner that will bunch up, NO cover to attach. 
  • Most new weighted blankets on the market that are mass produced in China have removable duvet covers. After a few twists and turns in the washer and dryer, zippers often become misaligned and jammed.
  • We only use 100% new, BPA-free, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic polypropylene pellets inside our Magic Blankets.
  • NO polyfill which makes the blanket feel warm and stiff: NO Glass Beads which are the size and appearance of sugar grains and can work their way through seams, endangering pets and children.
  • One size does NOT fit all.  Most weighted blankets coming from China are only 72 inches long.  This is too short for most men and some women as weighted blankets have a tendency to work their way up, leaving the feet exposed. Our 78-inch blanket is the perfect length for anyone 5 foot 8 inches or taller.
  • Get your blanket FAST! It only takes us 3 days or less to make your blanket *excluding holidays. 




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