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3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

Written by: Michelle from Weighted Blankets in Canada

Sound sleep is vital for good health. Several issues often interfere with the recommended range. Being sleep deprived usually affects one’s ability to function throughout the day properly. Weighted blankets are designed to remedy this problem. While medication exists to aid sleeplessness caused by different reasons, weighted blankets offer a natural alternative to support sleep-deprived individuals. These are usually filled with beads in varying capacities, depending on the weight option, that are evenly distributed...

Lifetime Warranty

Some of the great things about making our Magic Blankets in the USA are that we only use the best quality materials and we get to inspect each and every blanket. That is why we are so confident in our blankets' durability. These blankets can be machine washed and are made to last. But mistakes happen so, just in case, we offer a lifetime warranty. If there is a manufacturing issue with your Magic Blanket, like a defect in the material, we will send you a pre-paid return label to send back the faulty blanket, inspect it, and send you a new...

Magic Weighted Blanket Review in "Weighted Journal"

The Magic Weighted Blanket Review – Is It Really That Good? My Detailed Experience

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Choosing the best possible product to help you sleep better is now a huge hassle with so many companies emerging on the market. Well, look no further – the Magic Blanket is definitely worth your consideration. Please see our full review, comparison to others and, above all,...

Weighted Blankets for Autism, Insomnia and Anxiety

Weighted blankets are heavier than the kinds of blankets people usually buy. They typically weigh anywhere from 4 to 30 pounds, making them heavier than the average comforter or down quilt. For many people who have disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, or autism, weighted blankets may provide a safe alternative to medication or other types of treatment. They can also be used to complement existing therapies. Research has shown that weighted blankets can help reduce symptoms and manage these conditions.

What are the benefits of a weighted blanket for anxiety?

Weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety in both children...




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