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Keith Zivalich, Inventor and creator of the Magic Weighted Blanket designed the very first weighted blanket in 1998 after his daughter rested her beanie baby on his shoulder during a road trip. The sensation was so calming and relaxing, he created a blanket that produced the same effect and began the trend of using Deep Pressure Therapy all over the body to relieve anxiety and insomnia. He is also the inventor of a new meditation chair called the Zero Gravity Zen Bag.

Washing Your Weighted Blanket Should NOT Be That Stressful!

Having invented the weighted blanket over 21 years ago, we are amazed, and thrilled, at how they have grown in popularity over the past three years. Most of this growth is coming from weighted blankets that are made in China and come with some rather peculiar washing instructions. 

According to multiple manufacturers, in order to wash their weighted blankets, you must first unzip the outer cover.  Then you must untie the inner liner from the duvet.  At this point, you can put the removable duvet in the washer (please see our earlier blog about the perils...

Get a 15% Discount on your Weighted Blanket for World Autism Awareness Day

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, we are offering 15% off of your weighted blanket. Let's spread the word with awareness and love for all of our Autistic friends. With out the Autism community, weighted blankets would not have had the major attention it has today. You can use the code "awareness" at checkout for 15% off your magic weighted blanket.

When we first invented the weighted blanket in 1997, we wanted our family and friends to try it out to give us their honest opinion. (Read here the story behind the weighted blanket invention) The first...

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Weighted Blanket

Written by: Michelle from Weighted Blankets in Canada

Sound sleep is vital for good health. Several issues often interfere with the recommended range. Being sleep deprived usually affects one’s ability to function throughout the day properly. Weighted blankets are designed to remedy this problem. While medication exists to aid sleeplessness caused by different reasons, weighted blankets offer a natural alternative to support sleep-deprived individuals. These are usually filled with beads in varying capacities, depending on the weight option, that are evenly distributed...

Lifetime Warranty

Some of the great things about making our Magic Blankets in the USA are that we only use the best quality materials and we get to inspect each and every blanket. That is why we are so confident in our blankets' durability. These blankets can be machine washed and are made to last. But mistakes happen so, just in case, we offer a lifetime warranty. If there is a manufacturing issue with your Magic Blanket, like a defect in the material, we will send you a pre-paid return label to send back the faulty blanket, inspect it, and send you a new...




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